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Starting Price $49.00/month/user
Free Trial 30 days Free Trial
15 Minutes Free Rendering
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Pricing Details Rendered videos are charged at 65 cents per minute on usage
Deployment SaaS, Cloud Based
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Address 707 SW Washington St #1100, Portland, OR 97205
Phone Number (503) 683-2852

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Founded in 2014
United States
Headquartered in Portland

About Storybulbs

Storybulbs was formed in 2014 to help brands build deeper connections with customers through personalized video content. Co-founders Greg Clark and Erik Gordon have diverse backgrounds that are both rooted in Engineering. They started Storybulbs to solve the problem of brand content that is generic and not focused on individual customers. With the increase of video content, Storybulbs continues to offer the most comprehensive SaaS platform to create and distribute Personalized Videos.

As a video engagement company, Storybulbs helps brands create and deliver video stories that are instantly personalized with content that matters. We increase engagement by delivering real-time relevance through video.



Storybulbs is a Saas based platform that allows a user to easily create dynamic video templates which can be Personalized to individuals. The creation of the individual videos can be automated or manual both singly or in bulk. The personalized videos can be distributed and consumed through multiple channels based on the needs of the user including user landing pages and in-app.

For those users who prefer not to create their own templates, Storybulbs has a growing library of templates that can be easily customized.


What is Storybulbs? 

Unique Features of Storybulbs

✔ Mobile Ready Videos ✔ 100% Cloud-Based ✔ Social Sharing 
✔ Measurable ✔ Bulk Uploading ✔ Full Customer Control over Templates
✔ Fully Interactive ✔ Brand Overlay ✔ Personalized VoiceOver (via Amazon Polly)
✔ Usage-based Pricing  ✔ Analytics ✔ Open API for Integration 
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Supported Integration Tools

Third Party Integration

Their flexible API integrates with any customizable application. From marketing automation platforms and CRM to back-end billing systems or custom tracking tools.

Storybulbs connects the preference data from your audience segments and seamlessly personalizes the video content with each individual’s preferences.