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Founded in 2016
United States
Headquartered in Portland
Specialities: Software Development, DevOps Tools, serverless, FaaS, and AWS Lambda

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CI/CD Automation

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Centralized Configuration 


About Stackery

The serverless architecture movement is transforming the ways modern organizations build applications and manage infrastructure. As early users of AWS Lambda, Stackery Founders Chase Douglas and Nate Taggart found themselves in need of a solution to the operational challenges presented by this technology. Stackery is partnered with investors who are equally passionate about the Stackery mission of bringing operational control and visibility to the serverless market.



Stackery leverages its offering on Serverless platform which allows you to build and run applications and services without thinking about servers so that you don't need to provision, scale or manage your servers with changing needs. As of now, their services are only built on top of AWS Lambda. 
Their product "Operations Console" gives DevOps organizations observability and control throughout the serverless application lifecycle. From visibility into system health to environment management and reliable deployment tooling, Stackery’s operations dashboards and command line (CLI) tools provide sophisticated runtime support to complex serverless systems. 


Customer Testimonials

"Stackery’s Operations Console helped our developers monitor the performance of their serverless applications and deploy them."

- IT Director, Non-Profit Organization 

What Stackery has that others don't 

- Serverless Deployment

- Centralized Operations Console 

- Reduced Cloud Computing Costs