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The best of the best also find it difficult to manage their tasks from time to time. Even Tesla 3, the most awaited project missed its deadline, costing the company millions of dollars. Tesla spokesperson referred to it as a production bottleneck issue, but there are many factors that can cause issues at all scales. Task/Project Management is not easy and hence a lot of leading companies sign huge paychecks to "getting it right".

project task management software

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* On an Average, large IT projects run 7% over time and deliver 56% lesser value than the estimate. (Project Management Institute: Pulse of the Profession 2015)

*  1/3rd of the IT projects meet their deadlines successfully. (Standish Group)

There could be multiple reasons for a project to miss deadlines, but one critical factor is task management. A project is prone to fail if there is the tasks estimation is ineffective. A Project Task Management Tool surely reduces the chances of task communications,  monitoring the project status every minute. In this article, I will talk about how a Project Task Management Software can streamline the do's list and keep the projects on track.


What is a project Task Management Software?

project task management softwareProject Task Management Software ensures an effective and timely project implementation. The software enables you to create projectand deadlines, on the basis of the data you enter.

project task management software addition, it also connects the tasks that are interrelated, bringing in more clarity as a whole. The tool helps you monitor the individual work progress and whether it's in sync with the project deadlines. Completing the tasks on time is the key to a successful project. At its simplest, Project Task Management Software helps you and your entire team organize the things to do list.

One major advantage of the software is its capability to forecast and monitor trends. If the software anticipates issues or opportunities in advance, you can restructure your plans and resources, accordingly. Moreover, it analyzes the statistics in order to determine the areas that are on the right path and the ones that need attention. It is easy to customize a project strategy if you are aware of the trends.

Now, I’ll take you through everything you ever wished to learn about task management and also how it can make your life simple.

Top 5 Advantages of a Project Task Management Software

1) Efficient Project Management:

Managing several tasks can be time-consuming, especially when then there are simultaneous projects. Whether you need to allocate, prioritize, monitor, or finish tasks, a Project Task Management Software can help with the automation. It is a software that simplifies the overwhelming task management, that won't be possible with any other approach.

2) Expandability and Customization: 

Gone are the days when you modify your business processes to adapt to the software- in fact, its the exact opposite. Project Task Management Software helps you to create custom workflows, according to your business. More importantly, it provides expandability, which means the software grows as your business expands. You won't have to buy a new software if your business grows.

3) Centralized Task Management:

Project Task Management Software allows you to integrate all of your tasks in one dashboard. You can integrate all the tasks and produce the best quality and reduced expenses. It gives you a full access to the work in progress throughout your team, ensuring that there is no duplication of work and whether the tasks are being completed productively. Due to cloud-based task management applications, the team members can access the information from

anywhere and any of the devices. Such visibility eliminates the probability of undesirable changes or loss of important data.

4) Meet Project Deadlines: 

Project Task Management Software Breaks down big projects into smaller related and dependent tasks. For instance, you can break and group all the subtasks and set mini project deadlines for each. This will gradually lead to the completion of all the tasks before the overall deadline. In that way, your team is constantly progressing every day and hence, the project can achieve the deadline.

5) Task Prioritisation: 

Project Task Management Software enables your team to identify the list of tasks, and then prioritize using the most productive approach. Using this software allows the employee to meet deadlines, avoiding task conflicts. The software will save deadlines and events already loaded into the system. It also allows the employees to anticipate possible issues emerging in meeting deadlines, giving the management a proactive strategy of categorizing and managing their employee's workloads. For instance, if a particular task has been more challenging in the past, then it will receive a priority in terms of competition compared to the other simple tasks.

Why do we need a Project Task Management Software 

Your company will need a combination of the different apps in order to get the best results. Some tool may have all the features and some may be better than others for some specific features. However, you put it together, below are the most popular features you’ll need to integrate into any project task management software:

Top 15 most popular features of a Project Task Management Software

* Option to assign a task to yourself and other teammates

To do lists for prioritization and completion of tasks

Notifications on the task assignment or update

Time Tracking for each task

Task Status highlighting the progress ( Started, work in progress, incomplete or complete)

Controlled access to sensitive data based on user role

Automated sync with the calendar and timely reminders

Audit Trails to ensure compliance with rules and regulations

Capability to integrate dependent tasks 

Ability to attach documents and media

A chatter for the team members to communicate while they see their  assigned tasks

Reports and Statistics to analyze performances

Project Status Percentage Completion

Stellar customer support, ticket system and tool training 

Milestone Tracking

Multiple Projects Management

Top 7 Most Popular Project Task Management Software 

You want to get the best Project Task Management Software—everyone does. Whether you're a startup, a freelancer, a small business owner or a large enterprise.

But how do you choose the perfect software for task management—and how do you define "perfect", anyhow? There are more project management and task management tools than you could ever try on your own. Ask around, and each one will recommend a different software.

You have to focus on our business and identify its needs. Like I said, none of the tools will have all the features you may need. However, you have to shortlist the one that offers the highest value to your team.  I have discussed some of the key features that these top task management tools offer:

  project task management software asana project task management software wrike project task management software basecamp project task management software Project Task Management MS Project
Sign up or Free Try for Free Learn More Try for Free Learn More Try for Free Sign up for Free
Available on Cloud Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price Free for upto 15 users
$9.99 - $11.00/month
Free for upto 5 users
$9.80 - $ 34.60/month
$99.00/month $25.00 - $118.00/month $7.00 - $55.00/month $7.00- $10.00/month $0 - $ 20.83/month
Rating on Capterra 4.5/5 4/5 4/5 5/5 4/5 4.5/5 4.5/5
Task Management Features
Assignment Management Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes
Automatic Notifications Yes No Yes Yes No Yes No
Automatic Reminders Yes Yes No No No No No
Calendar Management Yes Yes No No No No No
Chatter No No Yes No No No No
Commenting Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Completion Tracking Yes No No Yes No Yes No
Data Synchronization No Yes No No No No Yes
Document Management No Yes Yes Yes No No No
Email Invitations and Reminders No No Yes No No No Yes
Gantt Charts No Yes No Yes Yes No No
Milestone Tracking Yes No No No Yes No No
Multiple Projects No Yes Yes No No No No
Reports No Yes No No Yes Yes No
Role Based Permissions No Yes Yes No No No No
Task Management Yes yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Task Prioritization Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Third Party Integration Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
Time Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
User Access Control Yes Yes No Yes No No No
Version Control No Yes No No No Yes No


Choosing a Project Task Management Software 

Ready to start comparing project task management software? Our Technology Consultants are here to help you find the best software for your business projects. Call for a free 5-minute consultation, or fill out the Consultation Request Form for fast, free recommendations based on your company needs.

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Gopika Jhala, has several years of industry experience in IT Consulting and Project Management. Her research begins at the intersection of technology and operations to analyze the global trends and strategies. She has published widely on a range of topics, from cloud computing, and supply chain management to virtualization.


Gopika Jhala, has several years of industry experience in IT Consulting and Project Management. Her research begins at the intersection of technology and operations to analyze the global trends and strategies. She has published widely on a range of topics, from cloud computing, and supply chain management to virtualization.

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