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In real scenarios of cloud deployment, it is recommended to keep the infrastructure with tight network security. To achieve that in AWS, you can use hardened AMIs allowing only controlled access at the OS and application level. At network or VPC level, you should consider a tiered approach wherein only the […]

AWS Setup Bastion Host SSH Tunnel

project task management software
The best of the best also find it difficult to manage their tasks from time to time. Even Tesla 3, the most awaited project missed its deadline, costing the company millions of dollars. Tesla spokesperson referred to it as a production bottleneck issue, but there are many factors that can […]

Project Task Management Software – Project Management Tools

aws cloud formation
In this article, I will be going over the basics of CloudFormation and then demonstrate the benefits using an example. This article is divided into following main sections: * What is AWS CloudFormation? * AWS CloudFormation Basics * AWS CloudFormation Example What is AWS CloudFormation? AWS CloudFormation is a service that […]

AWS CloudFormation Basics and Tutorial

startup business strategy analysis: Reasons for failure 2
New Business Development Strategy Guide for Startups  New business development strategy planning can be challenging, especially when it’s for the first time. Starting your own business is a dream for almost everyone. The ability to be in control of everything and the sense of accomplishment that a startup may bring […]

New Business Development Strategy Guide for Startups: 3 things to ...

UPS supply chain e-commerce
UPS Supply chain Many e-commerce sellers use UPS Supply Chain as their preferred 3pl Provider. Some shuffle between FedEx and UPS, whereas some are loyal to just UPS. Some prefer UPS because of its specialty in ground shipping and pricing model. Others prefer FedEx for air shipments. lately, with Amazon […]

3 Reasons why UPS Supply Chain is perfect for E-Commerce

Team Work
What is the importance project communication?  Project Communication is an essential skill for all the projects or entities, irrespective of the size or nature. It is the rapport you build with the stakeholders, that will help your project achieve its goals. If you still have doubts about the importance of […]

5 Reasons Project Communication can help you meet your goals

E-Commerce Strategies
Despite selling hundreds of products on Amazon or any other e-commerce platform, I still have a new question during every transaction. One can never have it all figured out. There is endless competition, a variety of customers with high expectations and multiple procedures to follow. With infinite factors dictating a […]

8 simple tips to start building an e-commerce business you ...

Issues of Business Supply Chain Operations
There are multiple supply chain issues likely to cause delays and frustration during the process. In this article, I have focused on the specific issues that arrive during the inbound, in-house and outbound stages of supply chain operations.   Stages of Supply Chain Issues: Inbound Supply Chain Issues In-house Supply Chain […]

Plan for 11 key Supply Chain Issues like a ...

Supply Chain Operations Network and Stages 3
As I discussed in my previous article, Operations Management is all about converting inputs into outputs. Furthermore, let us discover the supply chain aspect of the operations. Supply Chain Operations are a crucial part of the Operations Management. Be it any type of product, it has to reach the customers […]

The ultimate guide to supply chain operations at any age

Operations Management Process
The Business Operations Management Process is the base of all kinds of organizations. While it’s necessary for multinationals, it’s also significant for startups, small-scale businesses and sole proprietorship. Being the core necessity for resource optimization, Operations Management is applicable in manufacturing and also the service organizations. In any case, Operations […]

Undeniable proof that you need Operations Management