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Amol Kokje, has several years of industry experience in hardware and software engineering domains. His current interests are in the areas of automation for virtualization and cloud computing. He currently works as a software developer with Mcafee, working on automation solutions for enterprise on-premise and cloud software deployment and testing.

In real scenarios of cloud deployment, it is recommended to keep the infrastructure with tight network security. To achieve that in AWS, you can use hardened AMIs allowing only controlled access at the OS and application level. At network or VPC level, you should consider a tiered approach wherein only the […]

AWS Setup Bastion Host SSH Tunnel

Mocking AWS Services
Mocking AWS Services   AWS Cloud is pretty awesome and growing at a very rapid pace. If planned and executed correctly, there are many tangible benefits of developing and managing solutions in the cloud. Various available services in the cloud can make life easy as there are services available for […]

Mocking AWS Services

aws cloud formation
In this article, I will be going over the basics of CloudFormation and then demonstrate the benefits using an example. This article is divided into following main sections: * What is AWS CloudFormation? * AWS CloudFormation Basics * AWS CloudFormation Example What is AWS CloudFormation? AWS CloudFormation is a service that […]

AWS CloudFormation Basics and Tutorial

aws command line interface
With just one tool, you can monitor multiple AWS services from the CLI. In this article, I will explain to you how to install and configure the AWS CLI on Windows, Linux, Mac, or Unix OS. This article is divided into four main sections: * What is AWS CLI? * How […]

AWS Command Line Interface Tutorial

E-Commerce Strategies
Despite selling hundreds of products on Amazon or any other e-commerce platform, I still have a new question during every transaction. One can never have it all figured out. There is endless competition, a variety of customers with high expectations and multiple procedures to follow. With infinite factors dictating a […]

8 simple tips to start building an e-commerce business you ...